Most podcasters try to hide the fact that they are in their basement, or in a shed or in a closet somewhere trying to produce high-quality content and audio.

With True Crime Garage, they have created and excellent audio experience that is said to be created in their garage, but they really have access to stellar audio equipment!

We suppose it doesn’t matter which way goes, so long as the cases are interesting and that you can connect with the hosts.

And these hosts are very relatable.

Each episode starts with a shout out to listeners, sponsors and the beer they are drinking that night. We’re not beer connoisseurs, but the beverage recommendations seem pretty awesome.

As for the cases covered in True Crime Garage, it’s similar to Case File True Crime.

The cases are from throughout the United States and across the generations. There are solved cases and those that have gone decades without a conviction.

What makes this podcast stand out are the hosts. They allow themselves (particularly the Captain) to call out killers and criminals and don’t take a clinical view of the case. Just when you want to yell out, “That guy is such a loser!” the Captain will do it for you.

The once-a week format is perfect, except when they extend a case into two-parts. They do a great job of NOT leaving on a cliffhanger, which we found refreshing. We’d still recommend waiting to listen to the two parts one after another. Especially if you’re like us and have 20 or more podcasts in your feed!

There are currently north of 75 episodes to enjoy at the time of this writing and we have enjoyed all 75!

TCPR Ranking 8 out of 10

  • Intrigue Factor: High
  • Binge-ability: Medium
  • Bombshell Factor: Low
  • Audio Quality: High

Useful Link:


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