The TCPR team’s origins are in New Hampshire and when the Missing Maura Murray podcast hit the scene it was an immediate draw for us. We were sucked into the case as so many over the years have been.

There are so many unknowns, and so many people investigating that, for us, one of the best parts about the podcast and case is that there is a ton of material and rabbit holes to go down.

As for the Missing Maura Murray podcast, the hosts are Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri. The duo works well together and don’t always appear to see the case or evidence in the same way. It gives the podcast an honesty factor and you do feel as though you’re getting a real and raw look at the investigation.

The fact that the podcast focuses on one case makes it very binge-worthy—which we love. However, the lack of breakthroughs and new insight and 30+ episodes left us a little tired by the end.

If you want a case that you can dig into and get lost in for years, this is one to start with and Lance and Tim have done a great job parsing out fact from fiction and suspicion from truth. You must listen to the podcast to keep you from wasting too much time on false leads.

And we’re looking forward to the next case that Lance and Tim are taking on. The new case appears to have striking similarities to Maura Murray’s case and after 30 episodes with the hosts, you feel like you know them well enough that you can trust that they will give this new case much needed attention.

TCPR Ranking 7 out of 10

  • Intrigue Factor: High
  • Binge-ability: High
  • Bombshell Factor: Low
  • Audio Quality: High

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