For a novice to come in and think that they can solve a missing person case that is more than a decade old, has the largest file in Georgia’s history and has no active leads could be considered ambitious, but probably falls under delusional.

That didn’t prevent Payne Lindsey from investigating the case and making his research available through his Up And Vanished podcast.

The case is one of a missing Georgia teacher who disappeared from her home in October of 2005. And despite lots of small-town gossip, there were very few clues to what happened to Tara Grinstead.

In the podcast, Payne walks the listener through the investigation with the help of a private investigator who has been working on the case since the beginning. The listen is frustrating, informative and intriguing in the way the best true crime stories are.

The host introduced case evidence episodes to break down some of the more perplexing details which really helps the listener break down all the moving pieces.

What makes this podcast different is that right at the end, when it appears Payne and the listeners have gone as far as they can go and need to move on to another case, there is a major break!

We refuse to spoil this for anyone that hasn’t had a chance to listen yet, but there have been SIGNIFICANT developments in the case in the last few weeks.

We recommend getting caught up immediately so that you can listen to the real-time updates happening now.

This is one of the few podcasts that gets our 10 out of 10 rating!

TCPR Ranking 10 out of 10

  • Intrigue Factor: High
  • Binge-Ability: High
  • Bombshell Factor: High
  • Audio Quality: High

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