Every crime is like a rock thrown into a lake. The singular act creates waves that expand and ripple impacting everything from shore to shore. The Jacob Wetterling case is no exception and the waves of this unsolved crime lasted 27 years and caused so much pain and suffering.

The waves of this case included creating fear in this community and across the country. They destroyed the reputation of an innocent man. They put Jacob’s parents through hell and back. They also pushed legislators into action to require all states to create a sex offender registry.

The In The Dark podcast dives into the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling from St. Joseph, Minnesota in 1989. The 11-year old boy was taken from the side of the road when he and some friends were riding their bikes back from a trip to the store.

The host, Madeline Baran, started the research of what went wrong in the case circa 2015. She interviewed everyone—family, friends, neighbors, investigators and even the man who was shrouded in suspicion for more than two decades. The depth of the research and analysis is certainly impressive and our hearts broke when we heard from Jacob’s mother what she had to endure.

But before the podcast could be released there was a major break in the case. Given that this major break is detailed at the very beginning of the very first episode, we don’t feel that it’s a spoiler to say that after 27 years a confession and came and the body of Jacob was found.

Despite knowing the end of the story—if there is one in these cases—the story of the investigation and what went right and wrong is gripping.

The series is nine episodes long with one update episode at the end. We highly recommend listening to this podcast and we’re excited to see what the In The Dark team brings to us next.

In fact, it was just announced that there will be a second season! The details are thin as to when it will be released and as of the last update the team has yet to pick case. We will be listening and will be sure to let you know if and when the second season lives up to the first.

TCPR Ranking 8 out of 10

  • Intrigue Factor: High
  • Binge-Ability: High
  • Bombshell Factor: Low
  • Audio Quality: High

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